Usher or Jae
March 22, 2008, 8:08 am
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                         Who wore it better, Julien or Usher?

             USHER                                                    JULIEN


March 21, 2008, 11:14 pm
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I dont understand why people say RIHANNA over CASSIE, clearly this bitch cassie is wayyyyy BOMBER.

(i know that word doesnt exist; but shit in this case, YES THE FUCK IT DOES!)

March 18, 2008, 7:23 pm
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So as i was browsing thru the internet on wikianswers and i found this interesting topic. I thought i should just share it, because maybe there are some girls or maybe guys out there in this same situation and are really confused on what to do. 

W A R N I N G : t h e s e  a n w s e r s  a r e  N O T   1 0 0 %  c o r r e c t .  J u s t  a d v i c e  t o  t h e  n o r m a l  s i t u a t i o n s.  

FYI: This subject has nothing to do with me or my relationship. Just a random post that i thought was interesting.

With that being said. . . PLEASE enjoy and comments ARE ALWAYS welcome =].





Is there a chance of getting back together with your boyfriend who just broke up with you because he was confused and just needed some space but you never gave him that space?

Answer  #1

Honesty and being open are the best policies in this situation. The only thing you can do is suck it up and talk to the person. Confrontation, while it is hard, it is much more satisfying to know then to wonder.

I wouldn’t wait. Too bad if hes confused. If he loved you, he would just know your the one for him. Wouldn’t you? Think about it. If you really loved a man and thought hes the one, would you need space or a break? Nope. Hes letting you down easy and hes trying to end things in a gradual way as he don’t have the guts to make a clean break. Don’t sit and wait. You deserve better.

Answer #2

It’s very important that a couple communicate their feelings to each other and it’s more important through that relationship than sex believe it or not. It’s apparent neither of you bothered to communicate and he should have told you he needed more space, but it’s true most men just don’t seem to know how to express themselves and if they do try they always manage to say the wrong thing according to what some women say. The guy is in the cross-hairs.

Couples should have their own individual life and go out with their friends, perhaps on a mini vacation without their mate, and keep each other as a mystery rather than always being fused at the hip. Other interests (other than cheating) are healthy in any relationship. Clingy women/men is like having a rock strung around your neck and it makes the person feel like they can’t breath.

Your boyfriend is extremely immature and he should have discussed his feelings. He could well be squirming out of a relationship to start up another one (if he hasn’t already). I am not trying to make you feel worse, but youth can be a fickle monster and he seems to be in that category. Don’t sit around moping over him and get out with friends and start dating again. Send him a clear message he has not caused a ripple in your pond and you’re moving forward. If anything will bring him back that will. Word does get around and he’ll know you aren’t pining over him at least.

DK- Damaged
March 13, 2008, 8:42 am
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Fresh2Def Founder & CEO Interview
March 13, 2008, 7:36 am
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Click Here to view to Fresh2Def Founder& C.E.O interview in campus circle magazine.

March 13, 2008, 7:07 am
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Let me first start off by saying… “WOW!”.

I haven’t blogged in almost forever, it feels like. Today (or shall i say tonight) I am feeling wonderful!! Today was a beautiful day for me. It all started off with me going to school with NO GAS in my car, but for some GRACEFUL reason i made it to school and back. I went to AGAPE tonight, its the best place in the world to get in touch with myself and spirit.

 Now, speaking of AGAPE. Let me first start off by saying AGAPE means ‘unconditional love’. It’s a space where you get love continuously from everyone around you. Its an amazing community and i love it! When I’m feeling down or not to sure about myself.. that is the best place to go. LoL… oh i can go on and on!!!

 But anyways i have realized that when it comes to “venting”. . .   Lets just say i DON’T ‘vent’ to people. I vent in meditation or I’ll just simply write it down on a sheet of paper and then throwing it away.

Now, the reason for me NOT venting to people, is nothing personal. It’s just that in general, people don’t like to listen to other people’s problems, unless it has something to do with THAT person. Like people will just sit there and without “listening” they just automatically give out their opinions or tell you what they recommend you to do.

See, that bothers me the most i just wanna talk to get this shit off of my mind. i don’t NEED feedback just simply sit and listen.But, OF COURSE that’s not how people are.

In conclusion, my purpose of writing this one entry is because today i actually sat down with my mom and talked to her. but she didn’t give me feedback (which is usually not her) she just sat there and listened to me. And understood me. (but It wasn’t like she was just sitting there NOT CARING and THINKING OF SOMETHING ELSE, but like the i can tell she was in-tuned with what i was saying. I could tell through her eyes.) && THAT amazed me.

ohhh here i am just BLABBING

i am on the journey to get to know myself =].

PS.  and too ALL 3 of my friends(bitches), if you ever need to talk to me….. you KNOW i’m here for you! i love youuuuuu!


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